Our Mission

Spellbook Brewing was born to give an artisanal, quality product to our customers.

Our products are created for those who want to experience the pleasure of a good craft beer and accompany it in pleasant company.

Our labels recall the world of paper RPGs to create a product suitable for an evening of sessions, laughter and games.

We care about the illustrator's profession, so each of our editions is curated by an illustrator who thinks and creates the label in all its aspects. We collaborate to create Variant labels for an event, a company or simply for the beauty of the design.

  • Lorenzo

    Programmer/Graphic Design with a passion for role-playing games.
    You will find him intent on updating the website, the graphic appearance and the relationship with the illustrators who collaborate with us.

  • Federico

    Restaurateur and serial drinker, he is the brains behind the "Spellbook Brewing" project.
    If you are a retailer or organize events, he is the man for you.

  • Richard

    Our Social Media Manager and DnD 5e expert.
    You can find him writing sessions, creating videos and photographing anything that moves.