Marco Russo & Spellbook

Marco Russo & Spellbook

HI! Welcome to the first Spellbook Brewing interview!
We are very happy to have managed to get to this point, opening a company in Italy is not exactly like lighting a fireplace with a ball of fire and therefore we are proud to present our first interviewee: Marco Russo!

Hi Marco, tell us a little about yourself, what was your path and what do you do?
Hi everyone! My name is Marco Russo and I am an illustrator. From an early age I immediately felt the need to follow this inclination to draw and, in fact, I never stopped! I have always drawn many different things such as comics, book covers, advertisements... I have so much fun!

What did you think when you were asked to edit the first edition of Spellbook Brewing?
I was really very pleased! All the products are accompanied by images and the beer labels, as well as representing the brand, are also among the few to be noticed and read. We can remember some brands by the color of their logo or label and if we ask ourselves, for example, "how many degrees is the beer", we pick up the bottle and look carefully at the whole label until we find the information we need .

What was the creative process to create the illustrations?
I have developed an effective working method that I have also used with the Spellbook guys, namely: making drafts together with the client, all those necessary. The customer is placed at the center of the process and having to approve each stage of the work, he sees its development until he is satisfied.

This was the process: drafts developed together and different versions/solutions to choose from.

Do you like the final result?
Obviously! We work on it until we get to the point we wanted
Furthermore, the colorful and young cut of the labels we have created, I think it has a strong impact and probably someone could keep the bottles as I did!

What's your favorite label?
I must say that for different reasons, I like them all: the FireBall for its colours, the Misty Step for the Fantasy character that vanishes in a sort of clear smoke and the Charme for the particularity of the scene.

Would you recommend other illustrators to work for the spellbook?
Absolutely yes! Both for the excellent working relationship and for the interesting project.
I thank Spellbook for having trusted me as their first illustrator and also for allowing me to make a restyling of their logo.

Dear colleagues, sharpen your pencils: SPELLBOOK WANTS YOU!

We too had a very good time with you Marco and we want to thank you for your professionalism and patience (especially patience).
We hope you enjoyed the interview, if you want to contact Marco you can find his studio here , instagram here and facebook here .

Thank you all for being with us in this first interview!

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