Una birra creativa

A creative beer

What do role-players have in common? The desire for adventure and the love of beer! Our goal is to create something that represents every adventurer who wants to sit at our table. Make yourself comfortable and order a drink, it will be fun!
SpellBook Brewing was born from three players with a passion for beers and role-playing games, hence the idea of ​​creating a craft beer inspired by the most iconic spells of the fantasy world.
Being a beer firm, we do not produce beer in our own factory but we collaborate with master brewers, professionals in the sector, trying to answer a question:
What does a spell taste like?
All our beers will have a unique illustration that will change over time, forming various editions conceived by the minds of various illustrators, creating a unique and collectible product. There will also be limited edition labels for special events. Thought you didn't need a beer with a Christmas fireball? Well, you'll get it anyway.
The first edition of our beers was illustrated by Marco Russo, you can find more information about him on his Instagram page or on the article dedicated to him in our blog.
“But do the illustrated characters have their own story?” Of course yes!
We're creating a real living universe with its own characters and lore. We don't rule out the possibility that you may find manuals, One Shots and stories set in the world of Spellbook. Of course we will provide everything you need for your session, from dice to glasses.
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